Friday, January 27, 2006

As Salaam A’laykom (Peace be on you)

Lately a lot of people have been locking their hair, by locking I mean growing dreadlocks. I begin the process around 2004 as a result of personal events which compelled me to start the process. Some may see this as a very trivial subject, however anyone who has worn dreadlocks or who wears them presently can tell you, with this hair style preferences comes a lot of social issues namely a lack of acceptance from peers especially in the business world. So I decided to start this blog cataloging the process of locking the hair as well as the history of locks. More importantly I am concerned with the Islamic perspective being a Muslim male and as such this initiative will focus heavily on locks as they pertain to me as a Muslim. I hope that others regardless of religious background learn from my knowledge and experiences. If this helps to remove the stigma that people with locks face from the mind of at least one person who reads this blog then I feel my efforts were not in vein. So please feel free to drop by, comment or share this blog with others.

As Muslims every aspect of our lives is governed by our religion (deen in Arabic). As such certain precautions must be taken into consideration before under taking a particular endeavor and that would include locking the hair. For a non Muslim this may seem odd or restricting however upon closer inspection if one were to analyze their own lives they would come to the realization that everything a person does is governed by either a law be it religious or secular, or by a belief system be that a personal belief system which one develops over time via observing life and different aspects of life or a religious belief system be it Islam, Christianity or Hinduism for that matter.

My point in stating the above is to stress the fact that although there are many methods which can be under taken when it comes to locking ones hair, the methods entailed on this site will only entail the Islamic aspect of this process. If the reader is not Muslim but is interested in locking by all means please continue to view this site as this will also contain very valuable information as well as a glimpse into the Islamic faith.


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